Friday, August 4, 2017


*THANK YOU to Lesley Martin creator of the Class Tracker planner for generously sending me this complimentary planner to review. All comments included in this post are my own and honest opinion*

New school = new planner! Let me tell you, my favorite thing about back-to-school season is looking for a new planner. There's something about getting a new planner that makes me feel so good. It's like a metaphor for all the possible things you can achieve. 

A planner is a necessary for staying organized. If you're looking for a planner that will help you stay on top of your school work, then Class Tracker is the right planner for you. Whether you're in middle school, high school or college, Class Tracker will help you succeed academically. 

What I love about the Class Tracker is its simple design. It has poly covers on the front and back for extra sturdiness and protection.  The planner comes in a variety of colors: navy, red, black, green, coral and sea foam. I'm sure students will be able to find a color that fits their own aesthetic. One of the most appealing aspects of this planner is its portability. The Class Tracker is 7 inches x 8.5 inches and it's thickness is very slim. It fits easily into a backpack without adding to the weight.  

 I love that a space to write your schedule is included in this planner for each semester. This touch makes the Class Tracker the perfect planner for students. You have 3 semester options. Two of them can be used for your Fall and Spring semesters. The additional semester could even be used for a winter or summer term. The creator of this planner  has thought of everything. Thank you Lesley!

Goal pages for inspiration and motivation!

The monthly pages are very clean and simple. It also includes extra space on the sides for important notes or reminders. I love the minimal pages because you can adapt them to your own planning style. You can use colored pens, highlighters and even stickers to dress up your pages. 

I really enjoy the vertical weekly layout. The fact that you can see the entire week is very helpful. This way you can actually visualize and set priorities during the week. I love that there are separate spaces for quizzes/exams/papers/projects, assignments and activities. 

Since the planner is tailored for students, the sections for Saturday and Sunday are smaller. But, they still include plenty of space to write a couple of notes and reminders. There's also a To-Do list for other activities you may have. (PS: These could be perfect to write a list of books you want to read. Something fun to add to your planner)

Plenty of note pages in the back of the planner.

Class Tracker is the perfect planner to help you succeed academically. This planner is the perfect companion to take on your school journey this year. It will help you stay super organized and efficiently complete your assignments. It is a planner that encourages productivity and cheers you on.  The Class Tracker an awesome tool!


If you want to purchase a Class Tracker or want to find out more, I will leave you with some useful links!

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